The Face of the Deep

Plunged into grief by the loss of his wife, James tends a small plot of land in a rural farming community while struggling to make sense of his life in the wake of his wife’s death. A series of strange occurrences sets his world into mystery as he works through memories of his wife, their relationship, and his own sense of failure. Run through with threads of suspense, magical realism, and the supernatural, “The Face of the Deep” provides readers with a tale of grief and the hauntings of a mysterious, unknown world.

“The Face of the Deep” is currently available for purchase as a digital edition in PDF format for $1.49 at Payhip. Click here to purchase.

It is also available in full free on this site, found here.

It was originally published in three installments on this site’s blog in Summer 2020:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

“An Expected Chill”

Originally published in the Winter 2017 issue of Into the Ruins, this story set in a near-future Portland, Oregon ratchets up the tension as the main character, Linsey, struggles with a strained relationship and a city in upheaval, gripped by stirrings of civil violence and social unrest. Featuring speculation about how economic dysfunction and reduced energy availability might alter the social and economic landscape of a major West Coast city, I tapped into aspects of the current housing affordability crisis and tensions from the 2016 election to imagine a familiar but remade Portland. My favorite part of this story is the remaking of the Eastmoreland Golf Course into a shared farming enterprise. (It would give me no end of pleasure to see that prediction come to life some day!)

“An Expected Chill” is currently available for purchase as a digital edition in PDF format for $1.49 at Payhip. Click here to purchase. Please note that EPUB and MOBI versions will be added to that purchase page soon and, once added, will be made available for free download for all who have already purchased. Or, to receive notice when these version are available, please subscribe to my email list.

The story can also be found in print by purchasing a copy of the Winter 2017 issue of Into the Ruins, either at the Into the Ruins store, by special ordering at your favorite bookstore, or by purchase at Amazon. It may also be found in digital format by purchasing the full digital edition of Into the Ruins: Winter 2017 at Payhip.

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